Preschool Anatomy Pack
Preschool Anatomy Pack

Early Learning

Anatomy Pack

Understanding the Human Body



Introducing your little ones to the human body doesn't have to be boring. This 50+ page printable pack is a fun and interactive way to introduce kids to anatomy. 

Included in this pack you'll find a description of the different body systems with a coordinating cut and paste activity, writing practice of the different body systems, matching games, a DIY flip book, human anatomy poster page, drawing activities and scavenger hunts.Available in both manuscript and cursive.

Teach Little Ones About the
Human Body!

Students will learn the different body systems through matching games. There are several different games included in the printable pack. Writing practice encourages students to learn and memorize the different body systems. The anatomy matching activities will work on both memorization and fine motor skills. Use the external anatomy poster as a way to review what they've learned. Both packs also include two mini flip books they can create!

A Fantastic Printable Resource

Use this printable pack to teach your little ones all about the Human Body through fun, interactive activities. From copywork to matching games to scavenger hunts and more! Your PreK-1st graders will love this fun pack!

  • Easy Digital Download

  • 50+ pages of activities

  • Manuscript and Cursive Activity Packs

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